Don't forget about security. Repair the damaged asphalt effectively and permanently.

Are you the owner of a private road, loading dock, racetrack or airport?

Then you know that any pothole or the slightest road failure can have disastrous consequences.

Your road must be in perfect condition and you must make sure that no dangerous damage occurs, and that poorly repaired areas do not grow.

We have developed a unique technology that will repair your private roads permanently, in a quality comparable to the newly laid asphalt surface - completely free from joints or cracks.

FUTTEC technology can be used to repair various types of damage - from minor cracks or unevenness to potholes of 70 × 50 cm in size. Repairs can also be done in winter and can be managed by a two-man crew.

With our technology, you will not be dependent on seasonal subcontractors.

Repair takes only 1 hour. You will always use only the amount of material necessary to repair the fault, no more.

Safety should be your priority: by correcting minor faults you will avoid dangerous situations and prevent further disturbances.


FT3 device – FT3 device heats up asphalt surfaces and is used to execute the permanent repair of roadways e.g. potholes. Find out more about the FT3 device.

System Container – The system container enables the simple storage and transportation of all the equipment and material required for pothole repairs and other faults using microwave technology. Find out more about the complex container.

Microwave furnace – The FUTTEC microwave furnace is intended for to heat asphalt mixtures by means of microwave technology, which ensures a uniform heating of all of the inserted material without overheating or related asphalt binder degradation. Find out more about the microwave furnace.

Unique know-how for road repairs:

  • Homogenous surfaces – our special technology will ensure that the new material will merge into the surrounding surface. Neither dangerous unevennesses for drivers nor technologically undesirable cracks are formed, which could significantly reduce the longevity of the repair life cycle.

  • All year-round repairs – road repairs may be carried out over the whole year and even during the winter.

  • Independence – we are not dependent on subcontractors, which could clash seasonally, causing shutdowns for hot pre-coated asphalt mixture supplies for permanent repairs.

  • Various types of asphalt roadways – repairs may be executed on asphalt roadways of various sizes (streets, roads, highways, local roads, bike paths, airports, racetracks) as well as in hard-to-reach places (steeper driveways or loading docks).

  • Repairs are carried out quickly and permanently – a pothole repair is executed by a two-member crew in about an hour following the start of work.

  • Efficiency – using FUTTEC technology is less demanding in terms of time and energy. The efficiency saves you financial expenses.

  • Technical repair certificate – during the repair works, the FT3 device generates a technical repair certificate. This includes information on the time, location and duration of the repair. The protocol is also a guarantee of the quality of the repair.

  • Environmental protection – ecology matters to us. We do not remove unnecessary material around the pothole. The material intended for repairs is heated up just before it is used, thus heat losses do not occur. We use only the indispensable amount of mixture for repairs.

  • Online Transparency – The machine allows you to share the technical protocol information online. For example, it can be shared on the web site of the communications administrators.

  • Unique know-how – the advanced FUTTEC technology represents a high-quality approach to pothole repairs and presents a solution to a problem which annoys citizens throughout the world.

  • Certification – the device is certified from a health and safety standard.

  • We provide training for your staff.

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