• Municipalities, cities, towns and mayors – a very comfortable solution for the pothole issue.
  • Association of municipalities – several municipalities are using it.
  • For companies executing day-to-day repairs of highways and roads – highly efficient repair method System container by FUTTEC a.s.



The system container enables simple storage and transportation of all the equipment and material required for the repairs of road potholes and other asphalt surface faults.

The container in this way ensures that the operating personnel is provided with more efficient and comfortable handling during repair works.

Likewise, the container protects individual components during transportation to the repair locality. At the same time, it ensures the working environment for the work team.

The standard all-metal lockable cabinet-type container with a hook height of 1000 mm may be custom made according to customer’s requirements and fitted with all the equipment, which is technologically necessary for the repairs of asphalt surfaces using microwave technology.

Beside the proper FT3 device and the furnace for material heating, it contains a portable power supply unit ensuring the operation of FT3 device, furnace and compressor for the compressed air supply to clean the place being repaired (e.g. potholes or cracks on roads).

The container enables the safe transportation of sufficient amount of the asphalt material, compacting equipment (vibration plates), minor tools, road work signs and further necessary material.

The container is equipped with its own 12 V lighting nondependent on the portable power supply unit operation.

The container may be modified according to customer’s specific needs, namely including surface finish, or, eventually, printings.


  • FT3 device
  • portable power supply unit – power supply for FT3 device, furnace for asphalt mixture heating, compressor, lighting, etc.
  • microwave furnace – for asphalt mixture heating using microwave technology
  • compacting plate – final surface finishing including their binding
  • compressor as a source of compressed air for pothole cleaning
  • asphalt mixture stock intended for heating for no less than 2 days




2.268 mm


4.370 mm


2.100 mm


1.050 kg

Loading capacity

4.000 kg


24 Months


For the system container we provide routine, warranty and post-warranty service. We provide not only the operating personnel with training within the work with the machine, but also the whole pothole repair technology.

Beside the container, you may also purchase separately its individual parts – FT3 device or Futtec furnace.


The repair technology was developed and patented in collaboration with the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

In 2013, FUTTEC a.s. applied for patent protection of newly patented technology using the penetrating agent during the microwave heating. This eliminates the above disadvantages, when using microwave technologies for pothole repairs. Following a simple process, the place intended for heating will be covered with liquid penetrating agent.

The liquid agent has got a high capability to absorb the microwave energy and transform it into heat. This will ensure sufficient energy concentration on the given place in the pothole surroundings and optimum heating through of the material across the whole cross section of the wearing course up to the depth of 10 cm.

The repair method using the microwave heating is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and as a whole this repair method is more advantageous than when using solid additives.

This method is suitable also for the repairs of wet or frozen areas, because, thanks to the effects of the microwave radiation, the full dryout of the place being repaired will occur.

In what features this technology differs? Please refer to the comparison between the classical technology and this unique one.

What other options of products for potholes repair we offer?


  • Homogeneity of surfaces – special technology will ensure that the new material merges into the surrounding surface. Neither unevennesses dangerous for drivers are thus formed, nor technologically undesirable cracks, which could significantly reduce the longevity of the repair life cycle.
  • All year-round repairs – road repairs may be carried out over the whole year and even in winter period.
  • Non-dependence – we are not dependent on subcontractors, who could clash with the issue of seasonal character and seasonal shutdowns of hot pre-coated asphalt mixture supplies for permanent repairs.
  • Various types of asphalt roadways – repairs may be executed on asphalt roadways of various sizes and roads with steeper gradients (steep access roads to houses, streets and alike, roads, highways, local roads, bike paths, airports, racetracks or handling areas within storage spaces).
  • Various types of damages – this technology makes repairs of various types of damages possible – starting from minor cracks up to potholes of a size of 70 × 50 cm within a single working operation. Repairs may be performed both on old and more recent roadways.
  • Repairs are carried out quickly and permanently – a pothole repair is executed by a two-member crew in about one hour following the commencement of works.
  • Efficiency – while using this unique technology, lower financial demands for time and energy arise. In this case, more efficiency brings value.
  • Technical repair certificate – during the repair works, the machine generates a technical repair certificate. The latter contains information about the repair time, its place and duration, technical parameters such as material temperature, consumption and alike. The certificate represents, at the same time, the warranty of quality and quality guarantee for the completed repair works.
  • Online transparency – the machine enables the information included in the technical repair certificate to be shared via Internet, e.g. on road administrators‘ websites.
  • Environmental protection – ecology matters a lot to us. In the pothole surroundings we do not dispose unnecessarily of the material, which need not be carried away and liquidated. The material intended for the repairs is heated up just before its use, and, thus, heat losses do not occur. For the repair we use only the amount of mixture indispensable for the repair.
  • Unique know-how – unequalled technology, developed in the Czech Republic, which may be usable worldwide. Advanced technology representing a high-quality approach to the repairs of potholes, which have been annoying citizens across the whole Europe.

Find more advantages of using microwave technology by road pavement repairs.


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