FT3 Device

  • For companies executing road repairs
  • For municipalities, towns and cities and mayors, who are solving the pothole issue not only on the roads, but also on bike paths and alike.
  • For associations of municipalities, which keep the machine in joint ownership
  • For private owners of roads – motor-racing circuits, airports

FT3 device


FT3 device serves for the repairs of asphalt road potholes varying in size

FT3 device is intended for asphalt surface heating that is necessary when repairing the roadways (repairs of potholes, cracks or various unevennesses).

FT3 device is capable of heating up the asphalt surface uniformly over the whole cross section (up to 120 mm), without its overheating and asphalt binder degradation, using the microwave technology.

The heating temperature will be defined according to the type of repairs. Repairs of unevennesses may be performed at temperatures ranging from 80 to 100 °C. Pothole repairs are then executed at a temperature of the edge of the pothole ranging from 120 to 140 °C and a temperature of 80 °C of the pothole surface.

The definition of the edge of the pothole is carried out using the surface penetration according to our own patent.  The machine drive is ensured by electric power supply, generated by the portable power supply unit with an output of no less than 15 kW.

FT3 device forms part of integrated asphalt surface repair technologies, among which belongs also the Futtec container with the portable power supply unit, Futtec furnace for heating of material and all the equipment necessary for road works.

However, FT3 may be purchased as a separate product, which will be appreciated mainly by companies executing road repairs.

Simple handling of the device is ensured by electric drive powered with batteries, without the need for permanent connection to the electric power supply, with steering by means of steering drawbars and with the travel and lifting control.

The work activity is fully automatic according to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with simple activity control using simple pushbuttons.

The machine has got available a complete EC documentation (this includes the declaration of conformity) and after being tested in terms of operational safety by a healthcare institute.



 Operating (outside) temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Maximum usable workspace (pothole)

70 x 50 cm

Microwave output

7,2 kW

Heating time (50 x 30 cm pothole)

35 min.

Target surface temperature of the area being repaired

110 –  140 °C

Microwave radiator life cycle

5 000 hours

Warranty for the machine

24 Months

What other options of products for potholes repair we offer?

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For this machine we provide routine, warranty and post-warranty service. We also offer not only the operating personnel training within the work with the machine, but also the whole pothole repair technology.

  • Homogeneity of surfaces – special technology will ensure that the new material merges into the surrounding surface. Neither unevennesses dangerous for drivers are thus formed, nor technologically undesirable cracks, which could significantly reduce the longevity of the repair life cycle.
  • All year-round repairs – road repairs may be carried out over the whole year and even in winter period.
  • Non-dependence – we are not dependent on subcontractors, who could clash with the issue of seasonal character and seasonal shutdowns of hot pre-coated asphalt mixture supplies for permanent repairs.
  • Various types of asphalt roadways – repairs may be executed on asphalt roadways of various sizes and roads with steeper gradients (steep access roads to houses, streets and alike, roads, highways, local roads, bike paths, airports, racetracks or handling areas within storage spaces).
  • Various types of damages – this technology makes repairs of various types of damages possible – starting from minor cracks up to potholes of a size of 70 × 50 cm within a single working operation. Repairs may be performed both on old and more recent roadways.
  • Repairs are carried out quickly and permanently – a pothole repair is executed by a two-member crew in about one hour following the commencement of works.
  • Efficiency – while using this unique technology, lower financial demands for time and energy arise. In this case, more efficiency brings value.
  • Technical repair certificate – during the repair works, the machine generates a technical repair certificate. The latter contains information about the repair time, its place and duration, technical parameters such as material temperature, consumption and alike. The certificate represents, at the same time, the warranty of quality and quality guarantee for the completed repair works.
  • Online transparency – the machine enables the information included in the technical repair certificate to be shared via Internet, e.g. on road administrators‘ websites.
  • Environmental protection – ecology matters a lot to us. In the pothole surroundings we do not dispose unnecessarily of the material, which need not be carried away and liquidated. The material intended for the repairs is heated up just before its use, and, thus, heat losses do not occur. For the repair we use only the amount of mixture indispensable for the repair.
  • Unique know-how – unequalled technology, developed in the Czech Republic, which may be usable worldwide. Advanced technology representing a high-quality approach to the repairs of potholes, which have been annoying citizens across the whole Europe.

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