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Beside the unique FT3 device and container solution, we offer our customers the product - Microwave furnace for mixture heating.


The FUTTEC Microwave furnace is intended for asphalt mixture heating by means of microwave technology, which ensures a uniform heating throughout the inserted material, without local over-heating or related asphalt binder degradation.

Material blending is not necessary, and therefore suitable asphalt mixture may be inserted prior to its chilling out in the form of lumps, blocks, or bagged mixture in the pre-coated asphalt mixture production for the purpose of a specific repair.

While using 3D inserts or bagged mixtures, it will be possible to simultaneously heat the required amount of various mixtures e.g if the pothole is deep and the roadway is impaired.

The control of the asphalt mixture heating process is ensured by using the PLC control system, which provides the correct startup of the microwave radiator and also monitors the heating time, which is defined by the amount of the heated material so that the prerequisite 120-140°C for asphalt surface patching is reached.

Thanks to its parameters, the FUTTEC Microwave furnace is ideal for all year-round minor repairs of asphalt surfaces (potholes) using any asphalt mixture (ACO, ACL, SMA, including modified mixtures), even during the winter.

It may be used within the FUTTEC system combined with the asphalt surface heating by means of the FT3 device, but it can also be used independently (in that case you only need to provide the electricity supply, e.g. using a portable supply unit).

To prepare the required amount of asphalt mixture in time, the heating may also be used while shifting between individual asphalt roadway repairs.



Operating (outside) temperature

-10 °C to 40 °C

Maximum amount of heated material (depending on the alternative)

From 120 kg

Microwave output

1,2 kW

Heating time (10–120°C, 30 kg)

35 min.

Microwave radiator life cycle

5 000 hours

Warranty for the machine

24  Months

Unique FUTTEC Technology. How does it work?


FUTTEC asphalt repair technology was developed in co-operation with the Institute of Chemical Processes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The unique technology that FUTTEC a.s., patented in 2013, uses a penetration agent for microwave heating. Thanks to this, microwave radiation can be targeted directly to the repaired location (the edges and the area of the debris).

The penetrating agent has the ability to absorb microwaves and convert it into heat. This ensures a sufficient concentration of energy at a designated location around the debris and an optimal warming of the material across the cross-section of the abrasion layer up to a depth of 12 cm.

The microwave heating repair method is energy saving and generally more advantageous than using solid additives.

The method is also suitable for the repairs of wet or frozen places, because the effect of microwave radiation will completely dry out the repaired location.

What are the differences in technology? Look at the comparison between classical technology and unique FUTTEC technology.

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  • The main difference between FUTTEC technology and traditional technology

  • Longer life and durability of the repaired asphalt surface by the homogenization of the repair mixture and the original surface

  • Reduced repair time

  • Year-round operation independent of outdoor temperatures

  • Environmental friendliness – the simplification of the process and volume of material and energy, possibility of using recycled asphalt

  • Minimum technical needs for repairs:

    • There is no need to mill the damaged area, to remove materials or seal the resulting joints
    • No binder or sealing material is needed – the joints are perfectly firm and homogenous

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